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Archive Monthly Archives: January 2020

Trump Coin

Limited Edition Donald Trump Keep America Great 2020 Coin


Relieve Pain, Stress & Anxiety with Aculief. The Award Winning Natural Headache and Tension Wearable Acupressure device.


Grow your own mini garden with SeedSheets. The most simpliest and innovative way to grow your very own farmers market on your stoop, patio, porch, windowsill, yard, or roof.


Check your vision from the comfort of your home. EyeQue is the fastest way to test your eyes from home.


In a rush for a party and want the best hair style? Achieve salon-quality results every time.

Type S

Make Parking Safer & Easier with the leading Wireless Parking Sensor.


Create youthful, glowing skin at home with the the ultimate facial cupping treatment from LureEssentials. GUARANTEED RESULTS


Ladies, run and jump as much as you like with no bounce! Introducing Boobuddy – The ‘Life-Changing’ Fitness Accessory to support breast pain during any sport.

Saalt Cups

Feel empowered to be in charge of your period in a healthy and sustainable way.The Saalt menstrual cup offers 12 hours of protection day & night is comfortable & reliable, chemical & toxin free and better for your body & the environment.

Upright Go

Correct and prevent poor posture with the ultimate posture training device. An all-day wear, unobtrusive and inexpensive solution that fits with any lifestyle Back.

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