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You are agreed to accept all the rules, regulations, conditions of ; this is the first terms of service of the site. Also, you are an agreement that you are responsible for compliance and applicable laws of the country. All the materials and contain the site are totally protected by the applicable copyright and trademark act.

You will prohibit from using or accessing the if you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions.

User License

A user with proper license provide by can only allow for temporary download, a single copy of the materials such as any information or software of  website for personal and non-commercial transitory view. But the license not allow-

  • Copy, modify or transfer the whole title, some art of the title martial to another page, post, site, etc.
  • Uses of any content of for any public, commercial purpose attempt to decompile or reverse engineer any software contain this website.
  • Try to removing any property notation or copyright from the content or content materials.
  • Mirror the material to any other server or any application software.
  • Shift the content materials to another website, blog site sell to other site or any person.

Violation of all these restrictions will be automatically terminating you from the . And your license recovery chance will be probably zero.


We don’t promise you to providing any warranty, expressed or implied conditions or any kind of purchasing facilities. is completely a product review blog site that only provides information in the base of customer’s feedback, reviews, etc. through the internet. We don’t provide any real test or examination result or all these products. So the service accuracy or results of the product ultimately depend on the product quality and how consumers utilize them. Anything related to this issues or any linking up with the site or make a comparison of the other site is entirely up to readers.

Revisions and Errata

The doesn’t give any accuracy of 100% accuracy of the materials. The website could have any technical, typographical or any photographic errors. And for that reason, keeps the right to make changes to the materials contained on its site anytime, any moment, without showing any notice. But for updating or any structural changes, we do notify our user, reader, sincerely.

Governing Law

Any claim of shall be regulated by the act of the state of the site exclusive of considering to its disagreement of Act provision.

Links hasn’t checked all the sites linking to this site and not responsible for the content of any of this link at all. The addition of all the links doest not implies any endorsement of . So, seeing, or using of these linked websites are completely at user’s presumption.

Site Terms of Use Modifications

This site has full right to change modify or terminate any of these conditions without giving any notice. After your entry of the site and using it is a statement that you are agreed to all of the conditions of .